Visa Issuance System

Visa Issuance System

Eagle Visa

eagleVisa is a Visa issuing software developed to simplify the extensive Visa issuing process. The software contains simple steps arranged in a logical sequence to make visa issuing process as simple as possible . eagleVisa facilitates easy verification and validation of the applicants’ details. eagleVisa enables the Immigration Centre / Department to effectively manage and monitor the present Visa applications and already issued Visas, round the clock. eagleVisa provides high degree of security in storing and maintaining applicant information and details.


  • eagleVisa system reduces the Visa processing time span.
  • More efficient to verify and validate the eligibility of the Visa applicant.
  • Reduces forgery and discourages fraudulent information.
  • Enables the Immigration Department to centrally manage and monitor the issued Visas and the existing Visa applications in real time.
  • Accelerates personalization and quick printing of validated visa.
  • User-friendly and secured Visa processing system.