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Products & Solutions

Smart Cards

Smart card is a pocket sized card with embedded integrated circuits which can process information. Smart cards are used in conducting business transactions in a flexible, secured and standard manner. The smart card technology enhances identification and security of data transactions.

Eagle software is well acquainted with the development of Smart card products and solutions .

Software Solutions

Eagle Software offers 360 Degree software solutions across all industry verticals. Eagle Software caters to many unique businesses unique requirements, and has a team of expert developers that can assist in completing your solution. Whether the requirement is basic or complex the eagle team will work with you to document and deliver your requirement.

Product Description

Driving License and Registration Certificate Solutions
Health Insurance Hospital Software
Loyalty Cards
Financial Inclusion
Credit Cards and Debit Cards
Online Lottery
Mobile Lottery
Immigration Management and Border Control
Online Gaming
Mobile Gaming
RFID Cards and Tracking
Excise Stamp Tracking and Trace
Inventory Management
Visa Issuance System
Document Digitization/Archiving
Biometric Solutions
Police Identification
National Rural Employee Guarantee Scheme
Hospital Management
Health Cards
Library Management System
Campus ID Systems
Smart Card Operating System
Citizen Registration and Enrollment Software Solution
Hospital Software
Citizen Identification System
Public Distribution System
Vechile / Cargo Tracking Solutions