Hospital Management

Eagle Software provides excellent Hospital management solutions that tightly integrate multiple medical streams with the administrative & MIS aspect of manoeuvring a Hospital. 

We intend to bring Information Technology closer to core healthcare utilities .

Eagle Integrated Hospital Management Features:

  • Prompt and reliable information storage, querying and retrieval.
  • Easy access to query data to generate varied records, including classification based on demographic, gender, age, and so on.
  • Instant information access for research and library information.
  • Efficient and accurate administration of finance, diet, engineering, and distribution of medical aid.
  • Improved monitoring of drug usage, and study of effectiveness
  • Patient Appointment Scheduling, Outpatient Management and Inpatient Management
  • Medico-legal Case Tracking,  ICU / Emergency Room Status, Patient Records and Medical Reports
  • Maintenance Contract Management, Human Resources Management and Payroll Management
  • Workload Assignment, Billing, Financial Accounts and Stores Management
  • Purchases, Pharmacy Management, Laboratory Management, Blood Bank Management and Nutrition Management
  • Statistics & Analysis.